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Employee Engagement

One of the 4 key drivers of Organisational Development and ultimately business success is Employee Engagement. The following tools, articles & downloadable materials help our clients towards achieving positive employee engagement.

We also help clients towards gaining a 'Great Place to Work' certification

Improving the employee experience

Find out about our Principles of Greatness and how every manager should be working with these each day.

Find out how My HRBP clients are using Company Charters to kickstart their Employee Engagement Programmes

Employee retention issues?

Complacent or de-moralised staff?

Have you undertaken a Workplace Culture Assessment recently?

Is your business a great place to work?

A ‘Great Place to Work’ publishes top UK and multinationals that have ranked amongst the best companies to work for.


At the core of their success in the listings is the fact that "central to employees' perception of a great culture were camaraderie factors" as well as the value put on "competent management, including leaders' effectiveness at coordinating staff".

It may be no surprise to hear that Google was #1 in the rankings of the best global business to work for.


A ‘Great Place to Work’ identifies 9 key areas a business needs to focus on to create a truly excellent culture:


  1. Inspiring

  2. Hiring

  3. Welcoming

  4. Caring

  5. Listening

  6. Thanking

  7. Sharing

  8. Celebrating

  9. Development


If you truly want to make your business a great place to work, then I challenge you to sign up to the UK’s Best Workplaces Programme and have your business assessed.

Even if it’s not quite where it needs to be right now, you will be working towards a great framework that will keep you on the path to success.


Download the 2021 UK's Best Workplaces Publication

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