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Organisational Development
(The 4 Keys to Business Success)

My HR Business Partner teaches their clients that the 4 key pillars of organisational development and business success are formed on the following:

  • Employee Engagement

  • Management Development

  • Leader Transformation​​

  • Operational Excellence​

Management Development

Operational Excellence

Understanding Operational Excellence:

[JPEG] - Operational Excellence Diagram

Performance Management Strategy:

[ARTICLE] - What makes a good performance management strategy that drives business success?

Understanding the Total Quality Management (TQM) Model:

​[WEBSITE] - 8 Total quality management principles

[BOOK] - Total Quality Management and Operational Excellence: Text with Cases

[PDF] - UNIDO E-Learning Manual for Implementing Total Quality Management

Understanding the EFQM Model:

[WEBSITE] - European Foundation for Quality Management

The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model, is a self-assessment framework for measuring the strengths and areas for improvement of an organisation across all of its activities.

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