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My HR Business Partner can offer support to UK  based small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) in a wide range of areas across human resource management. Whatever challenges your business is facing relating to your people, My HRBP can support you in providing cost effective, straight forward solutions.

Employee Relations


Employee disputes are inevitable in any workplace. My HRBP will assist you with maintaining employer-employee relationships that contribute to satisfactory productivity, motivation, and morale; always working on the side of the employer, to help you with preventing and resolving problems involving individuals at work.


Advice can be provided in the following areas:


  • Disciplinary

  • Grievance

  • Absence management

  • Performance Management

  • Family friendly practices

  • Contractual issues

  • Statutory entitlements & deductions

  • Holiday entitlement and calculations

  • HR Policies and Procedures

  • Re-structures and redundancies

Employee Relations

Affordable Recruitment Services


End to end recruitment services with a dedicated Recruitment Consultant


My HR Business Partner has the recruitment expertise to know how to attract, find and screen the best candidates for you.


From Manufacturing to Office and Sales to IT. Whatever you need, My HRBP can help you.

We don't charge the large commission fees, making it affordable for small businesses to use our recruitment services


  • Job Description creation

  • Person Specification creation

  • Job advert creation

  • Job advert placement

  • CV sifting

  • Phone & Video Screening

  • Interviewing

Organisational Development


If you're looking to move your business forward and get the best out of your people then you may  want to invest in the following areas.

My HR Business Partner teaches their clients tat the 4 Key pillars of business success are formed on the following:


  • Employee Engagement

  • Management Development

  • Leader Transformation​​

  • Operational Excellence​​​​ & TQM

Recruitment Services
Organisational Development

Employee Engagement


One of the first steps to creating a great place to work is how you engage with your employees. From basics such as team meetings, fun breakout areas, free food & drink to formal reward & recognition programmes, there are many ways to engagement with your employees.

Most SMEs do not have a budget for formal employee engagement prgrammmes when they first start out. But here at My HR Business Partner we teach our clients how to use free and effective employee engagement ideas to support your teams.

The world is changing rapidly and there is a shift towards flexible working, home working, hybrid working, job sharing and other initiatives which employees see just as important as fair pay policies.

We teach our clients how to measure employee engagement within their business and help to retain valuable employees without breaking the bank.

Read more about Employee Engagement



Employee Engagement

Management Development


Whether you've recruited management talent or grown it from within, everyone can benefit from some management development. This may be a little one on one training, or a full workshop programme.


Whatever level of support your managers need we can provide you with a cost effective, bespoke solution. We don't provide death by power point style training seminars... far from it!!


We look to work internally within your business alongside your managers to assess their style, then focus on key areas of development that are necessary for them to be effective in their day to day roles.


Most commonly requested areas of training are skills training for new managers:

1. Recruitment

2. Onboarding

3. Performance Management (Reviews, Capability, Conduct)

4. Effective Team Management

Read more about Management Development

Management Development

Leader Transformation


96.6% of UK SMEs have under 10 employee, 99% have under 250. Usually a Sole Trader or Solo Entrepeneur has gone from an industry expert in their own field, to Line Manager, HR Manager, Payroll Manager and Business Leader in a matter of months.. quickly becoming a 'jack of all trades' and 'a master of none'. Most Managing Directors of SMEs have stumbled into their position by accident and can be overwhelmed on the number of issues facing them.


My HR Business Partner can provide executive coaching (formal or informal) to the Directors as and when required. We also have useful articles and publications you can read in your own time about Leadership Development.

Whilst we understand it is busy for a Managing Director of a small company you will need to focus on the following:




Your Company Charter

Your Company Culture

Leadership Values

Leadership Styles

Read more about Leader Transformation

Leader Transformation

Operational Excellence & TQM


Are you struggling to get ahead of your competitors?

Do you want to achieve Operational Efficiency?

Do you know the 8 key components of Operational Excellence?

First we help SMEs achieve Operational Excellence through focusing on the following:

  1. Process excellence

  2. Exceeding customer expectations

  3. Strategic direction & Focus

  4. Employee involvement

  5. Leadership engagement

  6. Superior safety

  7. Commitment to quality

  8. Innovative products

Then we introduce our clients to TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT (TQM)

Read more about Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Contact us today, see how My HR Business Partner can help you move forward.


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