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Leader Transformation

Do you know how to go from Manager to Leader?


Do you know the difference between Transactional & Transformational Leadership?


Do you spend adequate time on developing your leadership skills?

From manager to influential business leader

Not every business owner or business leader is a Transformational Leader. Many small business owners start as a Transactional Leader or Manager and often get so entrenched in the day to day tasks of running the business that they do not spend enough time on their own personal development. Making time to focus on their own personal growth and understanding management and leadership ideas is important to take a business forward.

Here at My HR Business Partner we work with Managing Directors, Sole Proprietors and new Business Owners to set them on the path to becoming a Transformational Leader.

We encourage Leader Transformation with our own mentoring & coaching programmes (formal and informal). We advise clients of external resources from self-help books, case studies, videos and courses.


Do you know the difference between Leadership Styles?

There are many types of Leadership Models such as:

  1. Autocratic

  2. Bureaucratic

  3. Transactional

  4. Coaching

  5. Democratic

  6. Laissez-faire

  7. Collaborative

  8. Charismatic

  9. Narcissistic

  10. Transactional

  11. Servant

  12. Transformational

  13. Situational


At My HR Business Partner we help our clients move from Transactional to Transformational Leadership



What is a Transformational Leader?

Transformational leaders keep their ego in check and work hard to develop those around them. They include others for feedback, listen to differing opinions and know when to make the right decision based on the information they have gathered. They embrace and encourage change and demonstrate excellence in everything they do.

They gather loyal followers naturally, and become a great role model, leading by example, specifically:

  1. By using the Principles of Greatness everyday:

    • Values: Trust, Honesty, Kindness, Fairness, Respect

    • Desire

    • Passion

    • Vision

    • Courage

    • Belief

    • Fortitude

    • Compassion

    • Integrity

    • Wisdom

2. By creating an inspiring vision for the future, communicating the vision, and getting buy-in to the vision from everyone.


3. By encouraging and raising others to be the best that they can be, celebrating achievement.


4. By being positive and resilient.


5. By demonstrating excellence in everything they do.


We help our clients to become transformational leaders


Read what Blake Morgan has to say in Forbes about the habits of a transformational leader

Hugh Blane presents the fundamental concepts of Transformational Leadership

Mark Crowley shows how the heart drives human motivation and achievement and leaders who 'lead from the heart' have more successful than tradtional management methods.


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